Grand Knight Update

Fellow Resurrection Council Knights,

Please be patient with me as I share a bunch of worthwhile information with you.

I will begin by saying "Thanks" to everyone who helped set up the tent for the annual SSSMILE Village fundraiser (and to those who bought tickets and ate some very delicious Indian food as well).  Our Brother Knight Joe Thomas and the 120 formerly homeless SSSMILE “villagers” appreciate everyone’s support toward providing solidarity and an environment where the villagers can enjoy shelter, food, and medicine.  

Thanks also to our 2 Council Members who donated their personal funds for “named” RKCI Catholic High School Scholarships ($5000 each). The RKCI Board recently selected 3 highly qualified 8th graders to receive 4-year RKCI Scholarships ($1500 annually, $6000 over 4 years). And thanks to the continued generosity of many of our Council members, the Board also decided to bump up the scholarship awards of our previous Catholic high school scholarship winners (those still attending HS) from $1000 to $1500 per year. The 3 new scholarship recipients (to include the 2 who will be receiving scholarships named after their Knight of Columbus donor) will be recognized at an upcoming Sunday Mass.

The RKCI Board President (Deputy Grand Knight Martin Fienkeng) discussed one of this year’s RKCI applicants during our April Council Meeting. Although this applicant could not be awarded a merit-based RKCI scholarship, our DGK described why our Council should consider financially supporting this applicant (he is overcoming significant life challenges; he is self-driven and never gives up; he is succeeding academically and has been accepted to attend one of our area Catholic High Schools; he has wonderful Catholic parents who are raising him “right;” his Dad is an active member of the Knights of Columbus; and he and his family have limited financial resources). Since the DGK’s verbal support recommendation at last Thursday’s Meeting, our Council’s Knights have thus far contributed $2500 towards this young man’s Catholic education – and several of our members have recommended our Council make a contribution from our FY24 Council budget (a recommendation that will be discussed during our May council meetings). Wouldn’t it be amazing if our Council and its members were able to gift this deserving young man and his family with $5K or $6K that could be used to help fund his Catholic High School education? Anyone interested in contributing a gift towards this worthwhile cause can place a check in our Mailbox at Church (with Martin Fienkeng’s name on the envelope); they can hand the check/cash directly to Martin Fienkeng during one of our May meetings; or they can hand the check/cash to Martin or me before/after a weekend Mass. Anyone with questions or comments can also reach out to our DGK via his email at or via his phone at 410-371-4474.

Please remember our parish “Moving Day” is on Saturday May 4th. The day will start at 8am with the hope of being done by Noon. Cindy Desrochers shared the following SignUpGenius asking anyone available (and capable) to help!

On Monday May 13th, our Council will host the 29th Annual Resurrection-St. Paul Golf Classic at the Woodlands Golf Course. It is not too late for Knights and their friends/family members to register to play golf, to serve as a sponsor for the event, and/or to let Jack Mahon know you would like to volunteer on the day of the event. Details regarding registration, sponsorship, and volunteering can be found in the document found via the following link.

And during the same week as the Golf Tournament, we will have our May Council Meeting (on Tuesday the 14th), we are being asked to attend the Relics Service on Thursday May 16th, and many of us are either volunteering for or attending the Dedication Mass on Friday May 17th! And if that is not enough, we are also hosting a Church Dedication Weekend Wine and Cheese Party immediately after the Saturday Vigil Mass!!!!  It might be time to invest in (dressy) running shoes!

We indeed have a very busy few weeks ahead of us – but our clergy and our parishioners will witness just how much we contribute to our parish and to our community during this final runup to the Church Dedication weekend!

Below my signature block you will also find the usual updates to our Prayer List and to Upcoming events. Until next time...


Greg Jolissaint
Grand Knight
Resurrection Council #11341


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