Church Program

Since the founding in 1882 by Father Michael J. McGivney, the Knights of Columbus has been in solidarity with the Catholic Church, the Holy Father and the bishops, priests and religious in union with him. We have been oriented around a Catholic parish from the beginning, and it is in the thousands of Catholic parishes where the good works of the Knights of Columbus are manifest. Support for the Catholic Church is the hallmark of the Knights of Columbus activity at all levels of our Order.

The Church Activities that the Resurrection Council sponsor:

• Provide spiritually meaningful programs and activities
• Support and encourage our members and families in their faith journey
• Provide opportunities to be actively engaged in bringing forth the good news of the New Evangelization

The Worthy State Deputy's motto, Be Not Afraid, Our Courage is Our Faith, calls the Knights to be active leaders and steadfast keepers of the gifts, who celebrate and propagate the good news of the New Evangelization.

Perhaps you are a Catholic gentleman that would like to participate in these types of activities with our council. Join us!

Program Activity Reports: